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We are
not an
IKEA couch.

But you can think of us as a comfy place that any bright idea can lay on happily.

We are not willing to create things that you once take a look and forget about,

we love to create things that you keep on seeing and everytime you look, keep being amazed.

We would rather be a small shopcase that you look twice than a huge shopping mall that you never look at.

What you don’t see actually exists but dreams wait for the right colors and sounds to become.

Because dreams are tightly connected to the games. Laughing matters because things that are created without laughter can’t jump too high.

Those who can’t play games don’t understand dreams. This is where we’re coming from.

We put together all the stories on our tables and brought them to today.

We spread many dreams all over the world.

Now we are writing new and much more exciting ones.

We have lots to tell but we have to stop talking and start moving on now.

It is a great day to tell the stories in our minds and create what we’ve told.

Come join us.

Better late than never!

What does
Creative Agency

Lörn patterns along with you.

Listens to your ideas, and thinks your ideas over and tells you new, harmonized ones.

Lörn has zero concern about what the medium is, while focusing on the best form possible to create and present to you.

Believes in minimalism, that having more makeup damages your pure look.

Things are most perfect when they are clear..

Lörn creates perfect lines and shapes.

ike a free form in space, Lörn flows with you and moves with you until it becomes the perfect you.

Lörn cares about interaction and creates ideas that will maximize this.

Lörn must always continue on.

Therefore the think-tank room is always full with the crew in order to find newer ideas day and night (ok, sometimes we fall asleep there as well). With the best ideas & applications, Lörn has an unstoppable passion to move forward with your story to bring to surface the best of you.

So Lörn takes your story, places it at the center of all and cares about it, but what makes Lörn’s heart beat fastest is to write new stories with you.

he real power of the creative mind comes from that passion, which does not stop even while asleep.

We wake up from our dream at the moment we are closest to the truth.

We think you are right there.

Better late
than never!

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